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Tunnel Vision, Comprehensive, feel it in my bones
Feel it in my soul, world order is too out of control
All the simple things in life were simple, but not anymore
You must slave away to reach the top like many slaves before
I reach centerfold and disconnect myself from interacting with these humans
These certain individuals who claim to have my back
They all want me to succeed
But contribute to me failing, tripping, falling on my knees
Do you bleed the blood I bleed?
Do you see the things I see?
Do you feel the pain I feel?
Could you tell if it was real?
How many times do I gotta fall over and over and over and over and over again
Now I'm back at the start, I'm far from the end
I'm pinned down like a soldier again
12 clicks right, my enemy within
Or maybe I'm the enemy within
I fight myself like two face, teeth need washing grab dat toothpaste
Change persona, grab that toupee
That man homeless, here's my loose change
I hope I don't have a screw loose, cause then I might have to get that changed
Pick up a pen and go do it again
Pick up a gun and show it to your friends
You can pretend to be hard, but that don't mean that you hard
So many died over bullets and guns, and smuggling drugs right over border
All of the others are sitting in prison, wishing they could see they daughters
I'm not here to flatter myself, I'm not here to flatter myself
I provide the knowledge, a college, couldn't provide itself
All of the scholars, the scholars, tryna gain on the wealth
They racking up dollars on dollars, just to further themselves
Living life like this, a lot of motherfuckers live and die like this
Too many risks for the boys and girls
And we poison girls with the words we say, and the hate we throw
The hate you give is the hate you sow
Feel it deep inside my soul
Curses they stay generational
Everybody hating
Everybody anxious
Everybody blinded by the lies that all get spread by Satan
Vision very blurry, haters in a hurry to spread more hate on the internet
It's a trap, it's been set
It's so damn repetitive
Black man dead in the street once again
I don't know why we sit and pretend
Like nothing else is really going on
Appropriation, let it carry on?
Where the change at? I don't hear it coming
Where the blame at?
Hold someone accountable
Treating us like animals
Carnivores and cannibals
I been up since 3 am, no sleep cause I'm built different
Not controlled by no system, main purpose, spread wisdom, aye
I'm all in my bag
I wanna give back, I wanna give back, I wanna give back aye
Pull yourselves together, Homo-sapiens, you tripping tripping
Killing over nonsense, all that whining and that bitching bitching
People out here snitching snitching, loyalty thrown out the window
Letting people down like elevators
And the haters celebrating when we give up and we have a mental breakdown
Can't let them win so easy, you gone have to try now
Pipe down for you burn the smokehouse down
Most clowns out here tryna chase the clout now
Do your abc's like you do your 123's
Just communicate with me
We'll get somewhere somewhere somewhere somewhere
All the hate the people out here throwing got me dizzy dizzy
If I get a fender bender, you gone wish you never met me
Cause I'm just like everybody else I can't control emotions
Way too overwhelmed, got me overdosing
Think I ate too much, now I'm over bloated
Data not secure, I think I'm overloaded
I'm way too informative, that's why I'm goated
Tryna spread the knowledge that you need, cause your IQ suffering
No time to complain, don't you dare call up Eileen
She don't have the answers that you want or that you need aye
You gone have to find out the hard way like everybody
Everybody, I don't care bout your hobbies
When you operate, you do it real sloppy
Get some practice in, then you'll be like Rocky

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Free People Finder Tool
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