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The Way Of The Dragon (feat. Statik) – AJ Menace

You wanna slap?
Ima make it happen
Ima pull up to the spot like the fucking captain
Pulling rabbits out my hat, you could call it magic
I'm not hooper, but I make it happen
I call an Uber, than I get to trapping
I call my girl up, than I get to tap in
I switch to ghost mode like my name was Casper
Having all these niggas confused asking me what happened
I'm working all week tryna get my guap
I'm writing nice raps headed to the top
I ball all the time the grind never stops
Turning haters into airheads make they head pop
I'm real dope, I'm real smooth
Nigga watch yo head, cause I'm Blue Clues
Coming at you with these bars just to end you
I think I'm on a roll and I don't care if I offend you
Everybody round town gonna known my name
Cause I'm balling real hard headed for the fame
No this ain't a game, no this ain't a race
People gonna love me, some gonna hate
This other nigga was tryna fight me the other day
Grow up lil boy, for I make you faint
You can hate all you want with yo pouty face
Go and sit in the corner you get no cake today
You talk a lot of shit, I'm rapping in a song
I gotta a lot fans, not including ya mom
I'm in tip top condition, I can't be wrong
I'm feeling myself like I'm Rick Ross
I'm going places, your going bald
I'm making money while your humping walls
I know that I'm cool and I'm fly
You can go hate, well you can try
The talent show was real fly
I was soaring like an eagle in the sky
I was so smooth and so nice
Had onions in the room, made the girls cry
My raps so crazy, they so hype
The bass so strong that you might die
My flow so good, made a kite fly
You gone be so high you won't need WiFi
I came to kick it, I came to party
This is my job, this isn't a hobby
I make the bangers, they call me Bobby
I'm so eccentric, electrifying
I'm not lying
There's no denying
This is really good, really good timing
Feeling like I got struct by lighting
This is so good, this is so enticing

I came to switch, came to switch up the flow
Naw you don't really even know me bro
But I'm like a volcano about to blow
Coming for your city, big eyes big nose
Spewing out flames coming straight from the throat
It's headed for the houses, it's headed for the boats
Soon enough it'll reach yo headphones
That's my music, I had to let ya know

Once upon a time
I was tryna find 
Ways to make a dollar outta nickel and a dime
So I took some time
Taught myself to rhyme
Now I'm tony on the halfpipe, hopping on the grind, 
Pick your poison
Really ain't no point in you avoiding
I'm on my way to make sure that you rappers get destroyed
I enjoy it
Probably put your records in the toilet
Watch them spin around, you better be hoping they avoid it
Y'all ain't never ready when static be going heavy
Never silent but I'm deadly, my fire is never friendly
If they beefing like a deli, I cut em up like machetes
Get to revving like a Chevy, if ever you stepping messy, ahhh
Tryna battle me is suicide
I just hit the track and it's a fact that Ima brutalize
Really getting sick of all you people tryna scrutinize
Might just spit a bar that gonna leave ya feeling youthinized, who am I? 

I'm the pinnacle
The sinister, killing, ripping your visuals
The lyrical thrill of spitting the clinical
This is pretty easy, why you gotta make it difficult?
I'm ripping it quicker while you sitting stuck on a syllable
Drunker with bars of a sober broad, I be on it
Posing it poseurs, when I'm flowing cold as napoleon
Domers off your shoulders, I blew your mind and you know I did
Hoping that you know it, ain't no one that's gone be holding this
I'm the type to leave you looking hella lost and lonely
Got you looking stupid, getting roasted by your homies
All your cronies, they be phony, don't you realize that your slowing
Or I'm not gone be the only one you gotta be watching closely
When the album drop just know I make it green like guacamole
The only cheese you making after that is macaroni
As I'm rising to the top, I'm blocking haters like a goalie
Because I ain't got the time for anyone beefing like baloney
When I gun it, you get busted, you suckers suffer a deficit
You ever come for me, I'll be coming back with malevolence
Take a look at the evidence, skill is always benevolent
Tell them to hit me up if they need a lesson in etiquette
Ice on me got em thinking I'm a cool kid
Other rappers gone be pushing up the too lips
Yeah I see em coming at me, but they too big
Bout to make a movie like my name was king Julian

Who dis?
Acting like you didn't but you knew dis
Only place I like to keep my hammer is the toolkit
Never been a shooter but believe me I can do it
If you really bout it then I'm thinking you should prove it
I'm telling momma I can be a YouTube hit
All the bills, Ima handle that like a broomstick
I'm bout to blow like your nose when your too sick
Osama Bin Laden couldn't pack a bigger broom stick, arghhhh

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