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I dont have to say my thoughts you can see them 
You dont have to hear my words you can read them 
And seeing is believing son so suck it all up 

Suck it in and up 

Dont fret this only happens once 
Thats just me erasing your precious thoughts 
And what a thought it will be when 

You take the first step into 
Accepting I am now you 

Move those legs boy 
Dont try to fight 
I am inside your minddd 

If a tree can live 10 thousands of years 
Then cut me to the core 

Theres no stopping my thought projector 
Through one eye into the brain 
Ill sow that last 
Seed of doubt 

Now that the seed has turned to a tree 
We'll go and plant the next 
Now that the seed has grown to a tree 
We'll go and sow the next 

Would you like to see 
What I have to say

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