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Frying a egg on my urge to commit cardinal sin 
Poultry nerve endings I am becoming 

Submerge me in water 
I will not sink 
The rotten egg of the clutch 

The harder the shell 
The stronger the taste 
The more atomic the core 

Im a egg timer 
And time is running out 

N im about to explode 
You will not stop this determined embryo 

This is no humpty dumpty situation 
I did not fall of the wall 

A new yolk dawning 
We are 12 dozen eggs strong 
No more cardboard box for us 
Were rolling free 

No more dipping sauce 
For your breakfast bread 
A oval revolution 

Swallow your pride 
Repeat after me 

I am a rotten egg of the clutch 
We are rotten eggs of the clutch

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